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Five inch rules
Easy to carry but less accurate than the more common 10 inch rules.
Maker Model Notes Origin
Blundell (BRL) Type P8 A rule made of bakelite. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell BRL-P15 Publicity for Westinghouse gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell S150-20 A simple basic rule. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Log-log A 5" version of their popular model gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Dualistic high-speed Has shifted scales and a 10" scale on a 5" rule. Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Universal I An unusual complement of log-log scales gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Thornton/PIC VP124-PC5 Has Thornton's patented trig and log-log scales. Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Hardmuth Classic I A very ordinary rule. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Marc None given An intriguing rule and difficult to place. fr.gif (941 bytes)
Graphoplex Electro A well presented electrical rule. fr.gif (941 bytes)
Nestler 0123 Publicity for Klaus de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 62/83N The smaller version of the famous 2/83N Original instructions. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 67/38 Tachymeter 400 g A rule aimed at surveyors. Instructions for vernier scale. Description of gauge mark for distance to horizon and of use of "grad" for angular measure. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell Rietz Publicity with no indication of maker de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell Verlag Chemie A chemist's slide rule. Original instructions for special scales. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 279 An electrical rule de.gif (910 bytes)
Aristo 867U A "Darmstadt" rule with log-log scales de.gif (910 bytes)
Un-named None given Publicity for Fischer Bearings de.gif (910 bytes)
Pickett N200 - T A small elegant rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N300-ES One of a pair with a matching 10" rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N4p-T One of Pickett's most complex rules us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N600 - ES A very compact log-log rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N606-ES Has conversions on the back. us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser 4161-1 A fairly basic rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser 4181-1 A smaller version of the popular 4181-3 us.gif (950 bytes)
Hemmi 074 Made in occupied Japan jp.gif (938 bytes)
Jakar 523A Still for sale in 2000 jp.gif (938 bytes)
Tamaya No model given Has a Hemmi patent jp.gif (938 bytes)
UTO 601 A very clear basic rule dk.gif (896 bytes)
Budapest Gamma, 1252 A fairly compact Hungarian rule hu.gif (947 bytes)
Nestler No. 11 A German rule made for use in Russia   de.gif (910 bytes)

Original instructions: scanned version of maker's original instructions
Full instructions: complete instructions based on book or similar.
Instructions: instructions based on my own research.
For some rules instructions are given for special scales only.