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Make Nestler, German
Model No. 11

1. This rule was made in Germany, for use in Russia (based on the data sheet on the back) and purchased in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

2. The rule was probable made for the construction industry or for surveying. The part of the data sheet shown has data on miles: geographical, nautical and English. It also gives a узел (uzel), normally translated as a knot (nautical mile per hour) as a distance (1/120 nautical mile). Another unit, the туаз (tuaz) , has no translation in either of my Russian dictionaries. Other items of information give the number of seconds in various time intervals, the specific weights of a variety of materials and the number of degrees, minutes and seconds in a radian. One rather strange feature is that the back of the rule has the normal slots at the end to read the reverse side of the slide but the data sheet made no allowance for this.

3. The rule was purchased in a rather nice box with a silky lining. The words (or abbreviations representation the words) embossed inside the lid include Ministry of Local Industry of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic,  Department of Local Industry of the Moscow Municipality, and the Trust (трест, a group of industries directed centrally) of the Moscow City Local Industry.


Front view

Front left
Manufacturing date Probably around 1930  (my guess).
Length 5"
Material Celluloid on wood.
Scales A [B, C/S, L, T] D. The scales are not named on the rule.
Cursor Aluminium
Hair lines Single