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Make Nestler, Germany
Model Rietz Nr 0123

1. Two small windows on rear of slide allow trigonometrical scales to be used without removing slider.
2. It is marked with name "Klaus" and their address. (This German manufacturer of agricultural machinary has a depot a few miles from where I purchased this rule.)

Front view
0503-nestler-0123-01.jpg (13541 bytes)
Detail - front left
0503-nestler-0123-02.jpg (18012 bytes)
Detail - front right
0503-nestler-0123-05.jpg (29025 bytes)
Back view
0503-nestler-0123-04.jpg (9685 bytes)
Detail - back right
0503-nestler-0123-03.jpg (19363 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1967 (Appeared in catalogue of that date)
Length 5"
Material Plastic
Scales K,A [B,C1,C/ S,ST,T] D,L
Gauge points p: 3.14:  A,B,C1,C,D
Q: .746: C,D
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines p/4:
Documentation None
Condition Perfect