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Make Tamaya, Japan
Model None given

1. This rule carries the name "Tamaya & Co". The number of the patent in the well of the stock (22129) is a Hemmi patent. Hemmi was based in Tokyo and, according to P Hopp, Tamaya was also based in Tokyo. It is not certain whether Tamaya actually made their own rules or whether they "rebadged" Hemmi rules.

2. One possible clue is that the name "Stanley London" appears in the well of stock. Stanley were well know as a sellers of slide rules made by other companies. It would seem unlikely that they would import a Hemmi rule if it had been bought for resale by someone else - surely they would have got a better deal by going direct to Hemmi.

Front view
0529-tamaya-01.jpg (6294 bytes)
Detail - front left
0529-tamaya-02.jpg (8159 bytes)
Detail -well of stock
0529-tamaya-03.jpg (12991 bytes)
Detail - back left
0529-tamaya-04.jpg (12165 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1930
Length 5"
Material Celluloid on wood.
Scales A [B,C / S,L,T] D
Note. Scales on front of rule are unlabelled on original.
Cursor Glass with aluminium frame.
Hair lines Single line