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Make Pickett, USA
Model N4p-T Vector type - Log-log dual base speed rule

1. This rule has exactly the same arrange of scales as the N4-T. This is not always the case with other "paired" Pickett rules.

Front view
0518-pickett-n4p-01.jpg (24456 bytes)
Detail - front left
0518-pickett-n4p-02.jpg (23640 bytes)
Detail -front right
0518-pickett-n4p-03.jpg (19555 bytes)
Back view
0518-pickett-n4p-04.jpg (24546 bytes)
Detail -back left
0518-pickett-n4p-05.jpg (18319 bytes)
Detail - back right
0518-pickett-n4p-06.jpg (21975 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1970
Length 5"
Material Aluminium
Scales 3 No. 1, 3 No. 2, 3 No.3 , DF [CF, CIF, T1, T2, ST, S,  CI, C] D, DI, No. 1,   No. 2
LL0-LL00, LL1-LL01, DF/M [CF/M, TH, SH1, SH2, Ln, L, CI, C] D, LL2-LL02, LL3-LL03

I have used the "standard" designations rather than those on the rule. Pickett labels their log-log scales from LL1 to LL4.

Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Single hair lines
Documentation Complete
Condition Mint