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Make BRL, (Blundell) England
Model P15

1. Rear of slide has two fixed clear plastic "cursors" to allow use of trigonometrical functions without need to remove slide.
2. Rear is marked "Westinghouse Westalite Rectifiers". This is one of many examples of rules being used as promotional material.

Front view
0501-brl-p15-01.jpg (13370 bytes)

Rear view
0501-brl-p15-02.jpg (13363 bytes)
Detail - Front view left
0501-brl-p15-03.jpg (17295 bytes)
Detail - Front view right
0501-brl-p15-04.jpg (17169 bytes)
Detail -back view left
0501-brl-p15-05.jpg (12324 bytes)
Manufacturing date <1958 (latest reference in a catalogue in P Hopp)
Length 5"
Material Plastic (Astralon)
Scales A [B,C1,C/ S,S&T,T] D
Gauge points p: 3.14: A,B,C1,C,D
r' : 3438 : C,D
r" : 206255 : C,D
c : 1.13: C,D
c': 3.57: C,D
r11: 6.37:C,D
Cursor Plastic with metal top and bottom
Hair lines p/4
Documentation None
Condition Good except for two small marks