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Make PIC, United Kingdom
Model V.P. 124-PC5

1. This rule has the same complement of scales as the Thornton PIC 121, a 10" mahogany rule.
2. The rule uses Thornton'as patented differential scales for trigonometry (the IS scale visible in the detailed view is one example) and for log-logs below 1.1 (see the small scale scale to the left of the detailed view).
3. For instructions see here.

Front view
0526-pic-vp124-01.jpg (7072 bytes)
Detail - front left
0526-pic-vp124-02.jpg (22295 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1970
Length 5"
Material Plastic
Scales E1(=L1),E2(=L2),A,Y[B,RC(=C1),ISd,ITd,Td,Sd,C]D,f(x),Z
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Two lines , Íp/4  and 746 (HP to kw)