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Make Aristo, Germany
Model 867U Darmstadt

1. Whilst many Darmstadt (log-log) rules have the log-log scales on the stock and the trig scales on the slide, this one has them the other way round.
2. The rule also adopts a non-standard way of labelling the scales, using for example x2 for the square scale of the slide.

Front view
0510-aristo867u-01.jpg (17414 bytes)


Detail - front scale labelling
0510-aristo867u-02.jpg (29584 bytes)

Back view
0510-aristo867u-03.jpg (14277 bytes)

Detail  - back scale labelling
0510-aristo867u-04.jpg (9179 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1960
Length 12.5 cm
Material Plastic
Scales K,A,B [BI, CI, C / L, LL1, LL2, LL3] P, S, T
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Four hair lines
Documentation None
Condition Very good in own leather wallet.