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Make Unique, England
Model Dualistic

1. This rule had split scales, that is 10" scales on a 5" rule. They also produced a 10" rule with 20" scales.
2. No instructions were provided with the rule but a 10" inch version of the same rule is described in "Teach Yourself the Slide Rule" , Section 11, which has been scanned and is available here.

Front view
0507-unqiue-dual-01.jpg (17098 bytes)
Detail - left front view
0507-unqiue-dual-02.jpg (22301 bytes)
Detail -properties of metal  tables on back of rule
0507-unqiue-dual-03.jpg (17398 bytes)
Manufacturing date Estimated as 1950.
Length 5"
Material Plastic on  mahogony
Scales P1,D2 [C2,Q1,Q2,C1 ] D1, P2
Gauge points p: 3.14: A,B,CI,C,D
Cursor Plastic with plastic frame top and bottom
Hair lines None
Documentation Good. Cardboard box also good.
Condition Complete in carboard box.