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Make Pickett, USA
Model N200 ES Trig

1. A nice feature of this rule is the way the trig scales are arranged with duplicate C and D scales on the back of the rule. It's an uncluttered presentation of the scales. I rather suspect than many other manufacturers would have crammed another scale in there destroying its effective simplicity.

Front view
0521-pickett-n200-01.jpg (11990 bytes)
Detail - front left
0521-pickett-n200-02.jpg (13875 bytes)
Detail -front right
0521-pickett-n200-03.jpg (13048 bytes)
Back view
0521-pickett-n200-04.jpg (11146 bytes)
Detail -back left
0521-pickett-n200-05.jpg (12935 bytes)
Detail - back right
0521-pickett-n200-06.jpg (11256 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1970
Length 5"
Material Metal
Scales K, A [B, CI, C] D, L
[S,ST, T, C] D
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Single line