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Make Graphoplex, France
Model Electro - 650

1. This is one of four Graphoplex rules I now own. Not for nothing did Peter Hopp say of Graphoplex "Made extremely high quality slide rules".
2. The rule is used for electrical calculations with scales for motor/dynamo efficiency and voltage drop.

Front view
0509-graphoplex-electro01.jpg (36521 bytes)

Detail - scale labelling
0509-graphoplex-electro02.jpg (20127 bytes)

Detail - scale labelling
0509-graphoplex-electro03.jpg (22244 bytes)

Manufacturing date c 1965
Length 12.5 cm
Material Plastic
Scales L,K,Cos,A[B,CI,C/ST,S,T,C]D,Cos,Dyn-Mot,Volt
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Four hair lines
Documentation Complete original documentation (leaflet)
Condition Mint