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Make Unique, England
Model Log-log

1. Rear of slide rule has table of sin and tan.

Front view
0505-unique-ll-01.jpg (14969 bytes)
Detail - left front view
0505-unique-ll-02.jpg (18564 bytes)
Detail - trig tables on back of rule
0505-unique-ll-03.jpg (17772 bytes)
Manufacturing date Circa 1940. Cursor is metal and plastic which was only used on early models.
Length 5"
Material Plastic on  mahogany
Scales LL1,A [ B,CI,C] D,LL2
Gauge points p: 3.14: A,B,CI,C,D
Cursor Plastic with metal frame top and bottom
Hair lines None
Documentation None
Condition Complete in cardboard box.