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Make Faber Castell, Germany
Model 62/83 N Novo Duplex

1. This is the rarer 5" version of the famous 2/83N.  It is a duplex rule with 30 scales.
2. On the front face there are 15 scales.
3. On the rear face there are another 15 scales.
4. Other features include:

  • A second tan scale covering the range 41 to 85
  • Indication of correction to be applied to common D and LL0 scale
  • Use of W scales which give the accuracy of 10" scales on a 5" rule
  • Four log-log and four inverse log-log scales
Front view
0508-faber-castell-62-83n-01.jpg (19667 bytes)
Detail - front left
0508-faber-castell-62-83n-02.jpg (24806 bytes)
Detail -front right
0508-faber-castell-62-83n-03.jpg (27728 bytes)
Back view
0508-faber-castell-62-83n-04.jpg (20158 bytes)
Detail -back left
0508-faber-castell-62-83n-05.jpg (17845 bytes)
Detail - back right
0508-faber-castell-62-83n-06.jpg (18302 bytes)
Manufacturing date 1974
Length 5"
Material Plastic
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Multiple hair-lines both faces.
Documentation Complete original documentation
Condition Mint but some slight leaching of the red dye into the plastic.