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Make Jakar, Japan
Model 523A

1. The only thing which makes this rule in any way special is that I bought it in a shop in October 2000. What is more it was actually on display in the shop.
2. In fact, the rule is not very well made. In particular there are "lumps" of plastic left from the extrusion process one of which impedes movement of the cursor.

Front view
0522-jakar-523a-01.jpg (15041 bytes)
Detail - front left
0522-jakar-523a-02.jpg (14276 bytes)
Detail -front right
0522-jakar-523a-03.jpg (25679 bytes)
Detail - front - slide reversed
0522-jakar-523a-04.jpg (16809 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1980
Length 5"
Material Plastic
Scales A [B, CI, C/ S, L, T] D, K
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Single line