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Make Faber Castell, Germany
Model 379 (Electrical)

1. This is a five inch version of the 378 electrical rule. The scale arrangement and use of gauge marks is identical. The only difference with the 378 is that this rule has not got the marks "Quot +1" and "Prod -1" used to aid fixing the position of the decimal point.

2. As with many other electrical rules, the slide has a protruding "teeth" which function as a cursor for scales in the well on the stock.

3. On the back of the rule there are small marks on the "window" to all the trigonometrical and logarithmic scales on the reverse of the slide to be used without need to remove it and turn it over.

4. Later electrical rules had a scale for variation of temperature with resistance which this one does not.

5. It normally easy to date Faber Castell rules as on the back they have the date and month stamped on them. My 378, for example, has an 8 for August and a second  8 for 1908. This rule has a single "0" in the month position.

Front view
0528-fc-279-01.jpg (8240 bytes)
Detail - front left
0528-fc-279-02.jpg (29233 bytes)
Detail -front right
0528-fc-279-03.jpg (17922 bytes)
Detail - date stamp
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Manufacturing date c 1907
Length 5"
Material Celluloid on wood.
Scales LL2,A [B,C / S,L,T]{Dynamo/Motor,Volt} D,LL3
Cursor Glass with metal runners.
Hair lines Single line