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Make Sun Hemmi, Japan
Model No. 074

1. Rear of slide has two fixed clear plastic "cursors" to allow use of trigonometrical functions without need to remove slider.
2. Marked "Made in occupied Japan". Rules with this marking are relatively common. (Had I realised this when I bought it I might have thought twice about buying it - but, on the other hand, it still brings back memories of the San Telmo market in Buenos Aires.)

Front view
0502-hemmi-074-01.jpg (12596 bytes)
Back view
0502-hemmi-074-02.jpg (10200 bytes)
Detail - Front left
0502-hemmi-074-03.jpg (12173 bytes)
Detail - back right
0502-hemmi-074-04.jpg (13015 bytes)
Detail - Manufacturer
0502-hemmi-074-05.jpg (4170 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1948 (marked Made in Occupied Japan)
Length 5"
Material Plastic on bamboo
Scales K,A[ B,C1,C/ S,ST,T] D,L
Gauge points p: 3.14: A,B,C,D
r' : 3438 : C,D
r" : 206255 : C,D
c : 1.13: C,D
c': 3.57: C,D
rg: 6.37:C,D
p/4: A,B
Cursor Glass with full metal frame
Hair lines p/4
Documentation None
Condition Good working order.