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Make Unique, UK
Model Universal I

1. Like most British slide rule collectors, I have several Unique slide rules but none like this one.

2. Firstly it has measuring scales in inches and centimetres on bevelled edges at the top and bottom of the stock. Most Unique rules have a simpler arrangement without measuring scales.

3. On the front face the rule has a fairly standard arrangement of scales. The A,B,C,D and CI (called R) scale, a sine scale for use with A scale, a tangent scales for use with the D scale and two log-log scales. The first of the these is from 1.1 to 2.9 and the second from 2.8 to 40000; a fairly conventional range.

4. On the back of the slide there are three more log-log scales called "low log log scales". These cover the range .0001 to .35, .3 to .9 and .89 to .99. Two of these effectively cover the inverse of the two on the stock but the third is an extension for values closer to one. A disadvantage of this arrangement is that one cannot do log-log calculations with numbers greater and less than one without noting intermediate values.

Front view
0530-unique-u1-01.jpg (9108 bytes)
Detail - front left
0530-unique-u1-02.jpg (24291 bytes)
Detail - front right
0530-unique-u1-03.jpg (24999 bytes)
Detail - front left - slide reversed
0530-unique-u1-04.jpg (23930 bytes)
Detail - front right - slide reversed
0530-unique-u1-05.jpg (24725 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1960 - my guess
Length 5"
Material Celluloid and paper on wood.
Scales LL1 (LU), S A [B, CI(R),C/LL01(LL1),LL02(LL2),LL3(LL03)] D,T, LL2(LL)
Cursor Plastic with plastic runners
Hair lines Single line