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Make Pickett, USA
Model N606ES - Simplex trig with conversions

1. This rule is one of the range in "Eye-saver yellow" promoted by Pickett as being less tiring to use.
2. This rules offers a wide range of conversions on the back. Including temperature (Fahrenheit/Celsius), fractions/decimals and metric imperial units.
3. The rule is of all metal construction.

Front view
0513-pickett-n606es-01.jpg (13774 bytes)
Detail front view
0513-pickett-n606es-03.jpg (15178 bytes)
Back view
0513-pickett-n606es-02.jpg (13949 bytes)
Detail - back view  - unit conversions
0513-pickett-n606es-04.jpg (17950 bytes)
Detail - back view - Fraction/decimal conversions
0513-pickett-n606es-05.jpg (11675 bytes)
Manufacturing date 1965
Length 5"
Material Metal
Scales K, A [B, T, S, CI, C ] D, L
Cursor Plastic with metal screws
Hair lines One
Documentation None
Condition Mint in leather pouch