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Specialised rules
These rules are designed to perform one relatively straightforward task, as opposed to rules
which were capable of a wide range of calculations.

Concrete volumes Full instructions on slider! gb.gif (1421 bytes)
T G Buss Excise (alcohol) rule Full instructions gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Dring and Fage Proof rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Dring and Fage Ullaging rule 44" long. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
J Long Proof rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Dring and Fage Excise rule with gauging rods.   gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Dring and Fage Gauging rule.   gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Unknown Gauging rule (probably very early)   gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Unknown Sea navigation rule   gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Double sharp weight calculator - Model A A rule for calculating weights of steel gb.gif (1421 bytes)
EASYR Hydraulic Slide Rule Velocities in pipes Instructions gb.gif (1421 bytes)
KENT hydraulic rule Similar functionality to above rule plus hand made adaptations. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Honeysett hydraulic rule Calculation of flow in sewers   gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Vickers-Spearing Boiler Co. Ltd. Calculations of boiler efficiency Instructions gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Concrete mix calculator Classed as a sliding table gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Globetrotter mileage calculator Also a sliding table. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Globe Tank & Foundry Tank volumes gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Blundell Harling F5100 Black body radiation rule, Summary instructions given. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Thornton No 241 Artillery rule Summary instructions given. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Aerial Navigation Slide Rule CPU 26A/P For calculating drift, altitude correction etc. us.gif (953 bytes)
American Blueprint Co. Military rule for ranging calculations. Instructions for range calculation scales and description of "mils" as angular unit. us.gif (953 bytes)
Jeppesen CSG-2P An aerial navigation rule with explanation of use Instructions us.gif (953 bytes)
Tarrant hydraulic rule Made by BRL for pipe and channel flow. Original instructions gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Water flow calculator Extended summary of instructions gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Probability & quality control calculator gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Pipe flow calculator gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Gas flow calculator gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Nozzle and orifice flow gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Streamline flow gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Brick, blockwork and concrete calculator Instuctions on rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Mear Steel coil weight calculator gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Pickett Spring calculator Original instructions us.gif (953 bytes)
Pickett Business and finance rule - with special mark-up and discount scales. Instructions for "cost mark-up" and "retail mark-up" scales. us.gif (953 bytes)
Vickers Machine gun slide rule Instructions gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Cox and Stevens C-130A load adjuster us.gif (953 bytes)
Aristo Reinforced concrete (Stahlbeton) Extended summary of instructions de.gif (910 bytes)
Nestler 0438 System Jakob (Reinforced concrete) de.gif (910 bytes)
Graphoplex STATOS Stahlbeton (Reinforced concrete) fr.gif (941 bytes)
BRL Nuclear effects calculator gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Wilkinson (Unique) Sugar rule Conversion of sugar prices. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
IWA IWA-Tronic 0272 Made of layers of plastic. de.gif (910 bytes)
Europcar Fuel economy calculator Provided free by car rental company. de.gif (910 bytes)
Stack-loss Boiler efficiency Made for a major UK fuel producer. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Hemmi Electrical rule Copy of Faber rule jp.gif (938 bytes)
Hicks Pilot balloon slide rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Horse-power computer Paramount Designed by a drag-racing enthusiast. us.gif (953 bytes)
Pilot's key ring APR APR also make flight computers. us.gif (953 bytes)
Chesterman Cattle gauge rules Instructions on rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
James Noble Improved Engineer's rule   gb.gif (1421 bytes)

Original instructions: scanned version of maker's original instructions
Full instructions: complete instructions based on book or similar.
Instructions: instructions based on my own research.
For some rules instructions are given for special scales only.