Instruction Manuals

The site has instruction manuals for a number of slide rules. These have been scanned and converted to HTML. Some of them relate to standard rules (Thornton, Faber Castell 2/83N) and would be useful whatever rule you have but others are for specialised rules.

The manuals are English except as indicated below.

To download the file in PDF format, right click on the word "Download" and choose "Save target as" if you are using Microsoft Explorer or choose "Save link as" if you are using Netscape Navigator.

Description Direct link PDF format
Cajori's "The Slide Rule". A 1909 book on the history of slide rules. There is no HTML version. The following link will download a Word document version.
A fairly standard rule and useful as a guide for many other rules. Thornton Download
A typical circular rule. Concise 28 Download
This is a well known cylindrical rule. Otis King Download
A pocket-watch type of circular rule. Fowler Download
An all metal rule with two slides. Omnes rule
A specialised rule for sewer calculations. EASYR hydraulic rule
A later rule for pipes and channels. Tarrant hydraulic rule
An early manual by Pickworth dated by R Shepherd to 1900 but still useful today. A. W. Faber's Calculating Rule
A complex rules with 30 scales; there aren't many scales around that you don't find on this rule.... gb.gif (1306 bytes)Faber Castell 2/83N (and 62/83N) Download
es.gif (1037 bytes)Version espagnol Download
.... and few of those are on this rule. Faber Castell / Chemie Verlag
This was one of the early types of rule used for calculations related to alcoholic strength of spirits. Proof rule
An early forerunner of the slide rule The Sector
Instructions in French (instructions en franšais) fr.gif (941 bytes)Nestler Download
A French circular rule (en franšais) fr.gif (941 bytes)Roplex
A fairly basic rule (in German) de.gif (910 bytes)Faber Download
A well specified German rule. Includes hyperbolic scales (in German) de.gif (910 bytes)Aristo Download
A beginner's rule (in German) de.gif (910 bytes)Rietz Download
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