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United States of America
The US manufactured a wide range of rules to suit all pockets, from wood with painted scales up to sophisticated all metal rules. Presumably because of the size of the internal market, they do not seem to have sold widely overseas.
Maker Model Notes Origin
Aucmath 511 Mannheim Professional A basic, all metal, rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Dietzgen Maniphase Multiplex - 1732 A fairly straightforward log log rule. us.gif (950 bytes)
Lawrence USA All wood, very cheap but very effective. us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett Microline 120 Very much  a starter rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett Microline 140 A lot of functionality for a small price us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N902-ES Detailed instructions for use on the back. us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N903-ES Has tables of conversions on the back us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N904-ES Has decimal keeping scales on the back. us.gif (950 bytes)
Picket 905-ES "Texas speed rule" A favourite rule for slide rule speed and accuracy competitions in Texas. us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N-515-T Electronic Made especially for the Cleveland Institute of Electronics . us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N 531-ES Made especially for the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N500ES One of a pair with a matching 5" rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett Deci-point An early rule from this maker with special scales for decimal point calculation. us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett Model 2 Three (and a bit) variations of this rule are identified us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N3-ES Power log exponential One of Pickett's most complex rules. us.gif (950 bytes)
Pickett N4 T Vector-type Log-log This rules has 34 scales. us.gif (950 bytes)
Post 1460 Versalog The plastic on bamboo makes for a really smooth action us.gif (950 bytes) jp.gif (938 bytes)
Post 1447 A re-badged Hemmi rule us.gif (950 bytes) jp.gif (938 bytes)
Keuffel  and Esser 4058W This is a basic rule with useful settings for conversion factors us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser 4081-3 Has several displaced and inverted scales for speed use us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser 68 1210 A descendant of the the above rule. us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser Decilon One of the most comprehensive rules made in the USA us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser 4083-3 Log-log Duplex vector One of  the few rules with hyperbolic functions us.gif (950 bytes)
Keuffel and Esser Analon Used for dimensional analysis - a most unusual rule. us.gif (950 bytes)
Sterling Precision A fairly basic plastic rule us.gif (950 bytes)
Sterling Decimal Trig Multi-log A much more comprehensive rule than the above. us.gif (950 bytes)
Richardson 1776 A tin plate rule us.gif (950 bytes)