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Make Manufactured for Post by Sun Hemmi, Japan
Model 1447

1. This is an example of a rule sold under a different brand name with very minor modifications .
2. The rule is virtually identical to the Hemmi 40RK.
3. On the front of the rule the model name is given in red in the top centre and the Post logo is on the slide.
4. The only difference is in the cursor which on this rule is metal framed (plastic on the 40RK). This may be a modification demanded by Post or may simply represent a natural evolution of rule construction with the rules having been made in different years.

Front view
1052-post1447-01.jpg (20212 bytes)
Detail - left front
1052-post1447-02.jpg (11086 bytes)
Detail - front centre
1052-post1447-03.jpg (4713 bytes)
Detail - front right
1052-post1447-04.jpg (17228 bytes)
Manufacturing date 1960 - my guess
Length 10"
Material Celluloid on bamboo.
Scales A [B,CI, C/ S,T,S&T] D
Gauge points C,C1 ,p,M
Cursor Glass in complete aluminium frame.
Hair lines Single