Slide rules HOME page COLLECTION 10" RULES U.S.A.
Make Pickett, USA
Model N3-ES Power log exponential

1. This rule was one the most complex produced by Pickett with 27 scales, or 31 if you count some of the scales with two sets of marking.
2. One feature is that the number of digits appropriate to different scales of roots is shown.
3. The rule has 2 full length square root scales and 3 full length cube roots scales, giving higher accuracy for these functions.
4. The rule has an ingenious system of lettering which enables the log-log scales to have double functions for numbers greater and less than one, shown below, by "pairing"  scales of the numbers greater than one with their reciprocals.

Front view
1037-pickett-n3-es-01.jpg (38129 bytes)
Detail - front left
1037-pickett-n3-es-02.jpg (30979 bytes)
Detail - front right
1037-pickett-n3-es-03.jpg (19317 bytes)
Back view
1037-pickett-n3-es-04.jpg (41391 bytes)
Detail - back left
1037-pickett-n3-es-05.jpg (31745 bytes)
Detail - back right
1037-pickett-n3-es-06.jpg (19035 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1965 (my guess)
Length 10"
Material Metal
Scales No. 1,   No. 2, K, A [B, ST, S, T1, T2, CI, C] D, 3 No. 1, 3 No. 2, 3 No.3
LL0-LL00, LL1-LL01, DF [CF, CIF, Ln, L, CI, C] D, LL2-LL02, LL3-LL03
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines None
Documentation None
Condition Very good