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Make Pickett, USA
Model N531-ES, Capitol Radio Engineering Institute

1. This rule was specially made by Pickett for the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute. (See also the rule made for the Cleveland Institute of Electronics).
2. Despite the overlap in their functionality the rules are quite different. This one for example is a duplex the other is simplex.
3. This rule has a scale labelled 2p which is actually 1/2p. On this scale the value of 1.59 is opposite the 1 on the D scale and 1/2p = 0.1591.
4. The rule also has a couple of special gauge points.

Front view
1064-pickett-531es-01.jpg (33512 bytes)
Detail - front left
1064-pickett-531es-02.jpg (20928 bytes)
Detail - front right
1064-pickett-531es-03.jpg (24042 bytes)
Back view
1064-pickett-531es-04.jpg (32236 bytes)
Detail - back left
1064-pickett-531es-05.jpg (22138 bytes)
Detail - back right
1064-pickett-531es-06.jpg (29862 bytes)
Manufacturing date Late 1960s
Length 10", Duplex
Material Metal
Scales L, Ln, A [B, CI, C] 2p ,K
LL2, LL1 [S, ST, T, C] D, LL3
Cursor Plastic - single hair line.
Gauge points e - 2.718
R - 57.3 (1 radian = 57.3 )
Documentation None
Condition Good.