Slide rules HOME page COLLECTION 10" RULES U.S.A.
Make Pickett, USA
Model N902-ES Simplex Trig

1. This is the only simplex rule for which I show both front and back views. The reason for this is the summary instructions on the back of the rule. I show below examples for multiplication, division and scale reading. In addition to these detailed views the back also covers: definitions, logarithms, sine and tangent scales, and calculation of square and cubes. It also has a table of decimal equivalent of fractions - in 64 ths. This gives rise to the question "Were slide rule books really necessary?"

Front view
1068-pickett-n902-es-01.jpg (25967 bytes)
Detail - front left
1068-pickett-n902-es-02.jpg (12939 bytes)
Detail - front right
1068-pickett-n902-es-03.jpg (12469 bytes)
Back view
1068-pickett-n902-es-04.jpg (25091 bytes)
Detail - back - multiplication
1068-pickett-n902-es-05.jpg (11202 bytes)
Detail - back - division
1068-pickett-n902-es-06.jpg (9478 bytes)
Detail  - back - scale reading
1068-pickett-n902-es-07.jpg (9924 bytes)
Manufacturing date c 1970
Length 10", Simplex
Material Metal
Scales K, A [B, T, S, CI, C] D,L
Cursor Plastic - single hair line.
Documentation Complete
Condition Mint