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This country made a wide range of rules - including some of the best quality rules in the world. They also exported to many countries.
Maker Model Notes Origin
A.W. Faber No name A very early Faber slide rule de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 57/87 Reitz - a good basic design Two version of this rule are shown. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 57/88 An advanced student's rule de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 1/54 Cursor extends to top and bottom - three versions shown de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 1/54 A Similar to above but with addiator. Instructions on use of addiator. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 360 Two versions of this rule (1905 and 1938) included. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 375 A version of the Rietz standard. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 367 Has a digit registering cursor. Breif instructions on use of cursor. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 1/98 Elektro Has some scales in well of stock. Instructions. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 2/83N If not "the best" then certainly "one of the best" slide rules ever produced Original instructions. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 2/82 Could be considered an evolutionary step toward the 2/83N. Two versions (1957 and 1967) shown. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 52/81 A general purpose rule with some commercial functions. de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 52/82 Made by a German company in their Swiss factory sw.gif (146 bytes)
Faber Castell 2/84N The Mathema - with an unusual scale arrangement de.gif (910 bytes)
Faber Castell 1/28 Super Business. de.gif (910 bytes)
Reiss Progress 3223 A metal rule without coating on the scales. de.gif (910 bytes)
Nestler Not given No model number given but has a Nestler patent. de.gif (910 bytes)
Nestler Possibly No 14 Model number not marked. Sold by a British company de.gif (910 bytes)gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Nestler 23R and 0239 Two standard Rietz pattern rules  -separated by a few decades de.gif (910 bytes)
Nestler 7/52 A rule for commercial use. de.gif (910 bytes)
Nestler Traffic movement A rule for movement of convoys Description of special scales. de.gif (910 bytes)
Ecobra 1611 A well made, German all metal rule. de.gif (910 bytes)
Dennert & Pape Log-log This rule was described by Pickworth in his book "The Slide Rule" de.gif (910 bytes)
Dennert & Pape Un-named Sold by Davis of Derby, UK de.gif (910 bytes) gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Aristo 0903 Scholar A good simple student's rule de.gif (910 bytes)
Aristo 0968 Studio Two models, one of them made well into the age of scientific calculators de.gif (910 bytes)
Aristo 0971 Hyperlog A slide rule with hyperbolic functions de.gif (910 bytes)
Aristo 0972 Hyperlog One of Aristo's most complete rules. de.gif (910 bytes)
Meissner Nr 1172 An interesting rule with scales for addition and subtraction. Description of linear scales for addition and subtraction. de.gif (910 bytes) DDR
Veb Mantissa Darmstadt II Has log-log scales on the slide. de.gif (910 bytes) DDR
Veb Mantissa Mono Rietz Same sickly green green colour for the slide as the Darmstadt de.gif (910 bytes)

Original instructions: scanned version of maker's original instructions
Full instructions: complete instructions based on book or similar.
Instructions: instructions based on my own research.
For some rules instructions are given for special scales only.