Make Faber Castell, Germany
Model 2/83 N Novo Duplex
1. This was one of the last rules produced by Faber Castell and could be considered the culmination of the development of the slide rule by one of Europe's leading manufacturers. It is a duplex rule with 30 scales.
2. On the front face there are 15 scales.
3. On the rear face there are another 15 scales.
4. Other features include:
  • A second tan scale covering the range 41 to 85
  • Gauge marks providing a correction for the ST (sin/tan) scale
  • Indication of correction to be applied to common D and LL0 scale
  • Use of W scales which give the accuracy of 20" scales on a 10" rule
  • Four log-log and four inverse log-log scales

5. A copy of the instructions can be found here.

Front view
1021-faber-castell-2-83n-01.jpg (50085 bytes)

Front left
1021-faber-castell-2-83n-02.jpg (32975 bytes)

Front right
1021-faber-castell-2-83n-03.jpg (27923 bytes)

Back view
1021-faber-castell-2-83n-04.jpg (47930 bytes)

Back left
1021-faber-castell-2-83n-05.jpg (30123 bytes)

Back right
1021-faber-castell-2-83n-06.jpg (34530 bytes)

Manufacturing date 1974
Length 10"
Material Plastic
Front scales T1,T2,K,A,DF[CF,B,CIF,CI,C]D,DI,S,ST,P
Back scales LL03,LL02,LL01,LL00,W2[W2',CI,L,C,W1']W1,D&LL0,LL1,LL2,LL3
Cursor Plastic
Hair lines Multiple hair-lines both faces.