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Make Reiss, Germany
Model Progress 3223

1. This rule has a rather unusual and, to my eye, attractive appearance; it is plain metal. The surface is brushed aluminium and the lettering is engraved so the whole rule is smooth to the touch. The lettering is not perhaps as clear as on Pickett rules, which also used Aluminium but were coated either in white or yellow, but still presents no problems.
2. The rule has an interesting complement of scales; there is an A scale but no B scale and the log-log scales are on the slide rather than the stock. The latter feature is not unique but is quite rare.
3. The cursor is multi-line with a Íp/4 line for with the A scale for circle calculations. This is shown on the cursor front view below where the principal line of the cursor is set at the diameter of 2 and the area 3.14 (i.e.p ) is read on the A scale. The use of the hair line to the right, the same distance from the principal line as the other, is less obvious.
4. The cursor has another unusual feature in that it is narrower on the back than one the front. This enables the principal line of the cursor to reach the full extent of the scales on the front.
5. The rule follows the continental European practice of using the comma (,) to mark the decimal. This can be seen most clearly on the L scale but is also noticeable on the log-log scales. Whilst this is normal practice with written or printed numbers I have not seen it on other slide rules.

Front view
1091-reiss3223-03.jpg (17153 bytes)
Detail - front left
1091-reiss3223-01.jpg (22948 bytes)
Detail - front right
1091-reiss3223-02.jpg (21798 bytes)
Back view
1091-reiss3223-06.jpg (13672 bytes)
Detail - back left
1091-reiss3223-04.jpg (20799 bytes)
Detail - back right
1091-reiss3223-05.jpg (19070 bytes)
Detail - cursor - front view
1091-reiss3223-08.jpg (28617 bytes)
Detail - cursor - back view
1091-reiss3223-07.jpg (28589 bytes)
Manufacturing date August 1968 (stamped on both end of slide and of stock)
Length 10"
Material Metal
Scales A, DF [CF, CI, C] D, L
T1, T2 [LL1, LL2, LL3] D, S
Cursor Plastic multi-line