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Non-standard rules
The rules in this section are all rather special. Although capable of a range
of calculations they have their own way of doing it.

Fowler "long scale" (Instructions available) "Pocket watch" type circular rule. Original instructions. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Otis King (Instructions available) Cylindrical rule Original instructions. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
F B Cox folding slide rule Two foot, two fold rule, (Coggeshall rule). Also rules by Aston and Higgison. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Buck and Hickman timber rule A Coggeshall type rule   gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Lorkin Ship's mast design gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Roberts Everards type rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Unnamed A tin-plate rule Instructions. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Sector A forerunner of the slide rule. Full instructions. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Hemmi No 32 A 4" rule with a magnifying cursor jp.gif (961 bytes)
Tavernier-Gravet An early French rule with metal cursor fr.gif (941 bytes)
Tavernier-Gravet This rule is even earlier than the one above and has double-length scales. fr.gif (941 bytes)
Kern Stadia rule Instruction for stadia scales. sw.gif (146 bytes)
Cardboard rule No maker given gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Computing Scale Aaron Palmer us.gif (950 bytes)
Calculigraph An early French "pocket watch" type rule. fr.gif (941 bytes)
Routledge Engineer's Rule An early type of 2-foot 2-fold rule. gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Unknown maker Timber rule gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Unkown maker Russian circular rule Basic instructions ru.gif (908 bytes)
Ivory Soho rule Bryan, Manchester gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Boxwood Soho rule Elliot, London gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Multi-purpose 4-faced rule Unnamed gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Unknown manufacturer Gunter scale gb.gif (1421 bytes)
Slide rule plate Not a slide rule but a picture of one ukr.gif (897 bytes)
Simple rule patented by Dr Seehase An advertising rule made of cardboard and plastic.  

Original instructions =  scanned version of maker's original instructions
Full instructions =  complete instructions based on book or similar.
Instructions = instructions based on my own research.
For some rules instructions are given for special scales only.