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Other Countries
Two of the main countries represented here, France and Japan ,were very different. The French rules I have are all of very good quality but are hardly known outside of their own country. On the other hand Japanese rules, either sold under their own name or re-branded, were sold all over the world.
Maker Model Notes Origin
Graphoplex Rietz A well made student's rule fr.gif (941 bytes)
Graphoplex Neperlog A good well-specified general purpose rule fr.gif (941 bytes)
Graphoplex Electronicien Electronicien A rule specially for electronic engineers fr.gif (941 bytes)
Graphoplex Systeme Commercial A rule for business calculations Summary of instructions. fr.gif (941 bytes)
Barbotheu France A basic rule with some interesting features. fr.gif (941 bytes)
Diwa Technical 201 Comes in a nice mahogany case. dk.gif (896 bytes)
Jakar 1006D Previous owner was Royal Physician jp.gif (938 bytes)
Jakar 1005 Identical to the Hope 51G jp.gif (938 bytes)
Hope 51 G Probable manufacturer of Jakar 1005. jp.gif (938 bytes)
Sun Hemmi No model name/40RK Two models of different periods. jp.gif (938 bytes)
Sun Hemmi Model 60/3 Has a "horseshoe" shaped cursor jp.gif (938 bytes)
Sun Hemmi P280 A fairly typical late model rule jp.gif (938 bytes)
Sun Hemmi 259D A Japanese classic jp.gif (938 bytes)
Sun Hemmi No. 269 (Civil Engineer's) Special scales for surveying and hydraulics jp.gif (938 bytes)
Sun Hemmi No. 257L (Chemical Engineer's) Special scales for chemistry. jp.gif (938 bytes)
Ricoh No. 153 Made in Japan for the US market. jp.gif (938 bytes)
Lutz No 252 Made in Japan for a US company. jp.gif (938 bytes)
KLPZ No model name A Russian simplex rule ru.gif (908 bytes)
5161 No model name A Russian duplex rule ru.gif (908 bytes)
No number No model name A Russian log-log rule ru.gif (908 bytes)
Logarex Studio 27607 A Czech copy of an Aristo rule cz.gif (249 bytes)
Logarex 27403 Darmstadt Two versions of same rule cz.gif (249 bytes)
W&G "Dualface" comprehensive 432 An Australian  electrical rule. Examples of sample calculations. au.gif (1156 bytes)
Unknown Unknown A mystery rule; possibly French
Unkown Unknown electrical rule
UTO 930 Studium     dk.gif (896 bytes)