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United Kingdom
Slide rules and logarithms (the mathematical basis of slide rules) were invented here. Whilst there was a large range of manufacturers they do not seem to have had the wide export penetration that one might expect.
Maker Model Notes Origin
Emblem 1053 A learner's rule with two hair lines for different horse power. gb.gif (1306 bytes) jp.gif (938 bytes)
PIC/Thornton Junior A basic rule with trig scales on back of slide Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
PIC/Thornton 111 A basic rule with Thornton's patented trig scales. Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
PIC/Thornton 121 My own rule from school and university Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
PIC/Thornton 131 An electrical rule gb.gif (1306 bytes)
PIC/Thornton 3649 Did not use Thornton's patented trig scales. Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
PIC/Thornton 3654 An early Thornton with two cursors. Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Thornton AD 050 Log-log A popular model in Britain Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Thornton AD 060 Standard A popular student's rule Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Thornton P 221 comprehensive Two different types of trig scales on one rule! Full instructions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Log-log A cheap and popular model gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Electrical Includes scales for temperature/resistance relationships Instructions available. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Universal Three versions of this rule are shown. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Navigational Designed, as its name suggests, for navigational use. Instructions available gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Brighton Designed for the continental European market. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Unique Study 500 A late rule with unusual scale set. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Davis Autocrat An early British rule. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
The Technical Standard Another early British rule. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Boots Ringplan Ringplan precision log-log This rule has four log log scales plus other rare ones. gb.gif (1306 bytes) jp.gif (938 bytes)
Helix Top precision A101 An example of a badly designed rule gb.gif (1306 bytes) jp.gif (938 bytes)
W H Smith Log-log trig Log-log trig Included because of the shape of its instructions gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Dargue Simplon Primary A fairly basic rule gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Dargue Simplon Major log-log Has some unusual features including a bevelled slide. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Dargue Simplon SR10 bilateral Cursor can be reversed to use both faces of stock. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell 808 Accountants A rule designed for calculations in pounds, shillings and pence. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell Classmate 813 A student's rule gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell Duplex 904 A compact rule gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell Reitz 803 A straightforward version of the classic "Reitz" configuration. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell Omega 410 The rule has an A but no B scale. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell Super Duplex A506 One of the rare rules with hyperbolic functions. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Blundell AG5 Probably for artillery use. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
Hardmuth Classic Series IV Used a similar construction to Unique rules. gb.gif (1306 bytes)
MDS System Rietz A German made rule but an  English supplier. gb.gif (1306 bytes) de.gif (910 bytes)

Original instructions: scanned version of maker's original instructions
Full instructions: complete instructions based on book or similar.
Instructions: instructions based on my own research.
For some rules instructions are given for special scales only.