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Internet auctions Since you found your way to this site via the Internet, you obviously know how to navigate.   The Internet is one good source of slide rules you might want to try.

Based on my limited personal experience, I would make the following suggestions:
1. Buying slide rules (or anything else) over the Internet is relatively safe. Auctions can be good fun if you win, and frustrating if you lose. You might want to know the reputation of the seller before sending a lot of cash, however. Most sellers are very reputable, but a few aren't. Be aware.
2. The last minute is when everything happens on online auctions. Bidding in the last few seconds of an auction is known as "sniping".
3. When bidding in an online auction, remember you are competing at a global level. This means prices tend to be higher, especially when two newcomers get in a bidding frenzy. Decide what you consider a reasonable price, based on previous sales  - and stick to it.

The HP site gives some advice related to the use of eBay at Although related mainly to calculators their advice is applicable to other purchases.

ebay This is the best established of the internet auctions site. At any one time on the USA and international site there around 300 rules for sale (more in the winter - less in the summer). The two "national" sites have many fewer. To access them, click on the link and enter "slide rule" (or "rechenschieber") for the search. There is a wide range of rules from student's rules for around few dollars up to classic rules for several hundred dollars . For more information on prices look at the prices section of this web site. (U.S.A. and international) (United Kingdom) (Germany)