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Trading After building your collection for a while, you may find yourself in possession of several slide rules of the same make and model. For example, I have acquired several rules of the same type from former dealers and schools. While these rules may be common in your own country, they may not be so common in other countries, and vice versa. The Internet allows you to make exchanges with foreign collectors. This is a great way to enhance a collection.
Yahoo groups slide rule trading board. A companion site to the Yahoo/egroups message board,  with 500 members, dedicated to selling and exchanging slide rules. This is the site to announce availability of slide rules for sale or for trade.
Ron Manley Yes, that's me. I'm not a trader but I do have some rules for trade or - if the price is right - for sale. My list can be found here.
Kung's slide rule links. Has a few slide rules, mainly oriental for sale/trade. Also has the most comprehensive list of links of to slide rule sites on the Internet.
Peter Holland (Germany) Based in Germany, Peter has a wide range of mainly German slide rules for exchange.