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Slide rule dealers Slide rule dealers can provide you with great slide rules, accurately described, for a reasonable sum. Remember that they are in the business of providing a discontinued commodity, and must maintain their "shop" based on revenue. Their prices tend to be higher, but you truly get what you pay for. They are the easiest source for exceptional quality.

Below is a listing of dealers that I know of. I have not used any of the dealers myself (except for a successful exchange with Dick Rose) nor do I have commercial links with any of them. They are listed here for your convenience. If any dealer finds an error in my synopsis, please let me know.

Dick Rose Dick has a stock of thousands of slide rules and other related products. Many of the slide rules are in mint condition. The site is well set out and easy to use.
Dave Thompson Specialises in mint condition German slide rules.
The Sphere Research Slide Rule Universe (Canada) One of the largest web sites dealing with slide rules (they also deal with other scientific equipment). In addition to descriptions of the rules they have for sale there is also lot of other interesting material. The site has also attracted media attention - including the New York Times.
Dave Crate's Quality Slide Rule (US) Has a range of mint and good condition used slide rules. Almost entirely from the USA. Has a fairly short "editorial" section.
The Gemmary (US) Has about sixty rules from a range of countries for sale.
Gilai Collectibles Has a wide collection of "scientific"  equipment and other collectibles covering many fields. His collection of slide rules has some intersting items.

Then click on "scientific instruments" and then on "calculating". (The full address is rather long).

Technical Collectibles. Not just slide rules but does have K & E slide rules and parts.
Enrico Tedeschi  (Brighton, UK) Has a dozen or so mainly British slide rules for sale. The list doesn't seem to change very often but I have seen other rules he has offered on the internet.

Slide Rule Trading Co.

Paul Ross has a rules and parts for sale.
Mike Deutsch This slide rule store has a collection of rules for sale and also links to other dealers.
Technical Collectibles Kate has slide rules and parts for sale.
eBay An online auction which at any time has around 600 slide rules for sale.

When you visit the main site you can also find links to national ebay sites in the UK, Germany and other countries.