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Summary analysis from 01-Jun-2008 to 30-Jun-2008

Number of bidded items1361
Number of unbidded items783
Total sales$ 56400

Most expensive items

Stanley Fuller Slide Rule Calculator Vintage H$1225.00
Small Swiss Cylindrical Slide Rule Calculator $1225.00
ULTRA RARE 1929 Analog 6 Axis Computer/Slide R$1100.00
Keuffel Esser Slide Rule Naval Weapons Meteoro$1075.00
Swiss Made Revue Thommen Pilot Pro Slide Rule $839.00

Items with most bids

Slide rule Chemical Engineer Post original box38
Vintage Casio Digital DW-400 Slide Rule Tachym35
Vntg 2Ft Wood Slide Rule London Morris Civil E30
Constantin DurmontŪ Navigator Slide Rule Pilot26
Constantin DurmontŪ Navigator Slide Rule Pilot26

Items with at least one bid

Average price$41.44
Median price$17.16

Items with no bid

Average price$32.46

Number of sales by most popular makers

Keuffel and Esser374
Faber Castell76