Other slide rule sites

The potential uses of slide rules go far beyond those described on this site. The potential can be extended in two ways:

  • Use of the scales described on this site for more complicated calculations.
  • Use of other scales not described on this site.

I have tried to include the date of the most recent update of the sites listed below. Sometimes this was not easy and I had to estimate from other clues in the text. If I have misrepresented your site in any way or if you have a site that is not included please contact me at .

Description Link Last
The Oughtred Society has its own web site. They also have links to more slide rule sites than I have included here. 2008
Slide rule forum - this site has many previous messages describing how to use different types of rules. Since January 2001 operated under the aegis of Yahoo. 2008
As well as detailed photographs of his slide rules, includes a searchable database of eBay slide rule prices, a searchable database of the major slide rule literature and searchable databases of the ISRG, Slide Rule Forum and Herman's archives. 2008
The Science Museum has a small collection of slide rule photographs but this includes some very early slide rules. Go to the main site and search on side rules. 2008
Whilst this is a commercial site it also has a lot of useful information including comprehensive archives of  many companies. The largest and one of the most useful sites on the web. 2008
Although it covers other calculating and drawing instruments as well as slide rules, it is still a very good slide rule site. Includes a list of useful references and a guide to collecting. 2008
The slide rule museum run by Mike Konshak is a site which includes details of 1000 slide rules and masses of other information including instructions and a slide rule glossary. It also hosts site by other collectors, including: 2008(?)
  Tom Dilatush's collection includes some 19th century rules and and chance to solve some of his mysteries. 2008
Stefan Vorkoetter's site covers electronic calculators and slide rules. 2008
The "Mad slide ruling" site is visually attractive and aimed at interesting children in slide rules. 2008
A very professional and extensive French site. Covers not just slide rules but other calculating instruments. 2008
Another French site with instructions for use and some interesting rules. 2008
This site has almost 50 virtual slide rules. 2008
This site will probably interest slide rule collectors, not because it has a large collection of slide rules but because the slide rules it has are interesting and it deals with the sort of things slide rule enthusiasts often find interesting, like fractals. 2008
This Australian linked to a museum has a wide range of slide rules. 2008
A site devoted the popularisation of slide rules. In Italian, German, French, Spanish, English, Romanian, Portuguese, Chinese and  Japanese. 2008
This site by Sergei Frolov is devoted to Russian slide rules but, thankfully for most of us, is in English. 2008
An interesting site from Argentina (in Spanish) with details on wide range of rules - including 2 from Argentina.  It even has a poem! 2008
Peter's site has a detailed list of slide rules and literature for trade and for slide rules wanted. It is in English and German. 2007
Dave's slide rules - includes a slide rule primer. 2007
This site is very strong on the history of slide rules. 2007
Mike is well on the way to creating a valuable virtual museum of slide rules. 2007
Has a small collection of rules but include some manuals. 2007
Include a "for sale" and "looking for" sections. 2007
Gregg Scott's site had a large collection and several (around 150) manuals to download. 2006
This site has a lot of images of early (19th) century US rules described as "2 foot 2 fold rules with Gunters slides" by Phillip Cannon. 2006
This is the site for information on K&E slide rules including a listing of know slide rules from that maker. 2006 (?)
Ezio Raddi's site in Italian and has instructions for using slide rules. 2005
Givanni Breda's site is based in Italy but is in English. Has rules from a wide range of manufacturers and an impressive range of navigation tools. 2005
Nicely put together with an interesting section showing the evolution of a K&E model. Also has a useful section on reviews of slide rule books both old and new. 2003
A collection of (mainly) US slide rules. 2003
This site has a small collection of slide pictures but also has some old slide texts, the earliest being "Stereometry or the art of gauging" by Everard dated 1727. 2002
A site about slide rules with many external links. Not updated since 2002. 2002
Tom Bullock's slide rule site - with a few unusual rules including a nuclear bomb effects computer. 2001
John Current's site - his personal collection of about 50 slide rules 2000
A site which combines slide rules with typewriters! Includes some in depth articles by the site owner. (?)
Devoted to Otis King calculators with a good background (?)
A French slide rule site. (?)

Looks at the mathematics behind slide rules. (?)
Todd Tolhurst's slide rule site - includes images of slide rules and forthright political opinions. (?)

Note: Where the latest date of update  is not clear I have included a question mark (?). This may be for example due to evidence that the site has been updated recently but that copyright statement has not.