Slide Rule Humour

I am running a competition with the prize of a Mint in Box Aristo Studio 0968. The competition will run through the summer until the end of August. Have a look at the contributions which follow and if you think you can do better - send your contribution to me.

The contributions should be related in some way to slide rules - or at least to the maths relevant to slide rule use.

Whilst some of the forms of humour suggested, limericks for example, have a tradition of "robust" humour, and whilst I will be fairly broad-minded, I don't want to run the risk of my site being locked out by "family safe" browsers or getting my site swamped by people looking for, how can put this delicately, something else.

Poems and light verse

These can either be in "standard forms such as limericks or completely free.

Jokes and riddles

Apart from the need to be related to slide rules, these can be in any format

Anecdotes and true stories

Have you a funny experience when using a rule


See what happens when you make an error in calculation!