Slide Rule Collectors' Groups

This list covers all the national groups I know about. In some cases, there is at present no national group but an individual collector has agreed to act as a point of contact.

The Oughtred Society is International. It publishes a Journal, containing many interesting articles and information about slide rules. More details can be found at their web site

If you know of a group not on this list, or would like to start a group in your country, let me know and I will add your details.

Country Group Contact
Germany Rechenschieber Sammler Treffen The German Slide Rule Collectors Group has their own web site at:
The web site also has a number of technical articles in German.
France No formal group. If you are interested in forming a group please contact:
The Netherlands Dutch Circle of Slide Rule Collectors. They have their own web site at:
which is not just about their society (in 4 languages including English) but also has well presented information on the history and use of slide rules.
United Kingdom The United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle. The Circle has its own web site at:


United States of America Also International
Internet The International Slide Rule Group. This is an online discussion group hosted by Yahoo. It has over 1000 members. The discussions are wide ranging but to minimise the number of "off topic" the group is moderated.

The address is:

A parallel group is concerned mainly with slide rule trading, at: