Slide Rule CD

After Herman van Herwijnen died August last year, many slide rule collectors have enquired about the status and the availability of his Slide Rule
Catalogue. This has been discussed with Diny van Herwijnen, his widow. With Diny's help, we have been able to confirm that version 5.3 from
September 2003 is the last consolidated edition of the Catalogue. It is Diny's wish that V5.3 becomes the ultimate version of Herman's Catalogue and is made available again to the community of slide rule collectors.

The conditions remain the same: a fixed price of 25 Euro,including shipping to anywhere in the world, for the DVD Catalogue V5.3 and a paper copy of the 16-page instructions. The proceeds will go to Diny, who now holds the intellectual property of Herman's Catalogue.

Further enquiries and orders may be sent to Otto van Poelje by e-mail to:

The standard medium is an MS Windows DVD+R with the Catalogue data and pictures, plus a run-time version of the FileMaker Pro database.

Payment is possible by:
(i) sending 25 Euro (in notes) in a suitable protected envelope to Otto van Poelje, or
(ii) transferring 28 Euro (3 Euro handling costs included) via PayPal.

To summarize Version 5.3 of the Catalogue:
It contains 5733 slide rule records, including some related objects like slide charts, sectors and other calculating instruments. Most entries include a colour photograph or scanned picture from one of the 3264 accompanying JPEG images (about 1.2 MBytes). Many scripts for browsing, searching, printing etc are included in the run-time version of the FileMaker Pro database. When the Catalogue is copied to a PC's hard disk, it is even possible to link data from your own personal collection via the "User" part of the Catalogue.

The quality of the images is superb. I give below two examples. In both cases I give a reduced version of the full image and a cropped part of the image at the original definition. These images will be changed from time-to-time.

A reduced version of a complete image
cd01.jpg (275106 bytes)

Part of an image at original definition
cd02.jpg (275106 bytes)

A reduced version of a complete image
cd03.jpg (198624 bytes)

Part of an image at original definition
cd04.jpg (198624 bytes)

The catalogue consists of 4 files, the MASTER, PERSON, KANDE and PHOTO file. In the MASTER all data is stored on the items in detail, the PHOTO file is a related file that makes it easy to import the JPEG files into the MASTER, the PERSON file is a related file that contains private data which is different for everyone; own number, price paid, value for insurance, condition, number bought, number in collection, number of duplicates, value duplicates etc. and the KANDE file is a related file with very detailed information of Keuffel & Esser slide rules provided by Michael O’Leary who also supplied many scans. There are many ways in which you can print the data, one per page with a large photograph A4 size or 20 per page as a kind of catalogue, also without picture, short lists to take with you to the flea-market to see what you have, duplicate list, insurance list etc. The MASTER, PHOTO and KANDE files will be updated, say, every 1.5 years while the PERSON file of course will not be replaced. That one keeps on being related to the others even if these are updated. If you like you can enter your own data including pictures.