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1. As with other parts of the site, I have put these notes after the interesting information.

2. Most of the "facts" on this site come from one of three sources:

I acknowledge my debt to these sources of knowledge.

3. For navigation I have often provided two, or more, ways of getting to or from a page. To get to a target page the links are in the main body of the source page. To return to the source page the "usual" link will be at the top, as with this page. Other possible links will be at the bottom of the page. On some pages I have provided bookmarks.

4. The site contents are copyright R E Manley except where shown otherwise. In this context I would especially mention the book "Teach Yourself the Slide Rule". The copyright of this book is held by Hodder Stoughton and the parts of it on this site are reproduced with permission. You may download any part of the site for personal use (that, after all, is the whole point of it!)

5. I have tried to be consistent in page layout. That is, at the top of the page I give a brief description of the page, followed by the main contents and any technical notes at the foot of the page.

6. Any comments or offers of content would be appreciated.